Butterfly wingbeats

Richard Robinson, Director of Brighton Science Festival

Thursday, September 15 2016 at 8:00PM

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10- 12 Warwick Street
BN11 3DL

Richard Robinson, Director of Brighton Science Festival

What's the talk about?

Fuzzy Haha and Fuzzy Peculiar
This is a project which will reach full speed this time next year, in which we join together at the Brighton Science Festival to gaze in awe at the way chaos creates order and order turns to chaos.

Here are some examples:

Planets were created from trillions of pieces of stuff that had no purpose whatsoever. Randomly bumping and colliding in space for billion of years, they ended up in perfect spheres. Nothing is more perfect than a sphere; nothing more chaotic than the process that produced it. Weird.

Closer to home, ants have no idea what's going on more than an inch away, yet they live in a thriving community, with a lifestyle and architecture which is identical to that of all other nests on the planet. Inexplicable?

Closer again, each neuron in your brain has the job of receiving a signal and sending it on; nothing more or less. Yet such simple processes can combine to produce the extraordinary urge to go and hear Richard Robinson talk about all this.

There's more: evolution, society, deja vu, quantum physics, Jackson Pollock, Krazy Kat, sums, monkeys, volcanoes, Manchester, velcro, deja vu and, of course, your own personal list.

Admission £4 Membership cards accepted.

Worthing Skeptics is collaborating with Brighton Science Festival now and we hope to commence Worthing Junior Skeptics in the Autumn term.