Current Understanding of the Universe

Bob Turner

Thursday, May 12 2016 at 8:00PM

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10- 12 Warwick Street
BN11 3DL

Bob Turner

What's the talk about?

This is a hot topic with the recent discoveries of the Higgs Boson and Gravity Waves making worldwide headlines.
Bob Turner is a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society  and the British Astronomical Association. Since retirement he has been a cruise ship lecturer on Astronomy, Astro Physics and Pre History Archaeology.

He says, "I will look at what we currently know about the life of the universe in the last 13.8 billion years. How it started, how it progressed and how we understand the universe in the light of recent discoveries. I explain how these discoveries were made and look at what's in the future for us and the universe."

This event will be videoed and added to our dropbox thanks to our friend Dave Benson Philips.

£4 on the door, membership cards accepted.