Sense About Science

Stefanie Knappe

Thursday, March 17 2016 at 8:00PM

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10- 12 Warwick Street
BN11 3DL

Stefanie Knappe

What's the talk about?

As you may be aware, Ask for Evidence was launched by Sense About Science in 2011 to encourage people to hold companies, politicians, commentators and journalists accountable for the claims they make by asking for evidence. The campaign is supported by hundreds of public figures - including Simon Singh, Dara O'Briain and Derren Brown - and organisations such NHS Behind the Headlines and the Royal Statistical Society.

So far, Ask for Evidence has seen people challenge a huge variety of claims, including misleading advice from Vision Express, the sale of 'MRSA-resistant' pyjamas by M&S, the use of blue light in railway stations to reduce suicide risk, and many others.

Steffanie Knappe is a PhD researcher at King's College London, where she investigates how muscle stem cells regenerate muscle. She is passionate about science communication and advocates critical thinking and inquiry. Since October 2015, she has been working with Sense About Science as an Ask For Evidence Ambassador.
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