Deputy Head of Psychology at Brunel University

Dr Michael Price

Monday, December 14 2015 at 8:00PM

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10- 12 Warwick Street
BN11 3DL

Dr Michael Price

What's the talk about?

I saw Dr Price on TV, contributing to a programme about some current issue or other and thought, "I'd love to get him to speak to us!" A little googling, a few emails and here we are! What a world! 

"My main research topic is evolutionary moral psychology, particularly moral attitudes towards issues such as social inequality, sexual behaviour, and cooperation in groups. This research programme currently takes three main forms. First, I investigate the relationship between bodily condition and moral orientation, using a 3D body scanner to collect anthropometric data. Second, I'm studying how perceptions about male parental investment relate to attitudes about sexual behaviour. Third, I'm investigating whether leader-follower relations can be seen as a kind of evolved reciprocity."

I can't wait!

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