Jeremy Hess

Wednesday, March 18 2020 at 8:00PM

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Mia casa

Jeremy Hess

What's the talk about?

Jeremy is a rights-based animal advocate. He focuses on making videos highlighting the unique personalities of our animal cousins at FRIEND Animal Sanctuary as well as other sanctuaries internationally.


Jeremy also makes informational YouTube videos, does street outreach, mentors new vegans, supports the largest vegan events in the UK, has appeared on the radio as well as podcasts. He also provides free resources and support for both vegans and the vegan-curious through his website

Do other animals experience life? If so, does this give them a valid claim to basic moral rights, which would be violated when we use them?


This interactive talk will include these topics and more exploring the philosophy of animal rights. Bring your questions and passion for critical thinking so we can all explore this topic further together.