The lowdown on low journalism

Peter Jukes

Monday, July 13 2015 at 8:00PM

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10- 12 Warwick Street
BN11 3DL

Peter Jukes

What's the talk about?

Peter Jukes is a British writer and journalist, nominated for several awards for crowd funding his live Twitter coverage of all 130 days of the phone hacking trial. He details his experience, and the backstage drama of the most expensive and longest running  completed criminal trial in British history, Beyond Contempt. His previous 2012 book,  The Fall of the House of Murdoch , was described by the former  Sunday Times  editor Sir Harold Evans as “a roaring great read.” He is also a dramatist for radio and television, whose credits include  In Deep  Bad Faith  Waking the Dead  and  Sea of Souls . His account of living in the modern city,  A Shout in the Street  (Faber & Faber, 1990), was called “a dream of a book” by John Berger.

Photo by Olivia Beasley

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