Spot the Fallacy!


Wednesday, May 15 2019 at 8:00PM

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What's the talk about?

Our plan to become an ACTIVE skeptics group is progressing! 

Following our interactive Critical Thinking Brainstorm last month we are staging another event that you can positively engage in!

Do you remember Brian Edwards who debated me a year ago?

On May 15th we will play his video "The Bible: an authentic book" and shred it!

Our committee will be onstage stopping and starting the playback and taking notes.

If you spot a fallacy, error, claim, assumption, attempt to smuggle an untruth or any other problem, just shout OBJECTION! 

I even object to the inclusion of the Union Jack on the cover of the video!

We will stop the video and talk about the objection before continuing to show it...

When complete, I will edit the video with our reviews, send it back to Brian and flood the internet with it!

This will be more fun than a pub quiz!

Who wants to play?

£2 on the door.