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Brian Edwards

Thursday, July 12 2018 at 8:00PM

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Brian Edwards

What's the talk about?

 Brian is a Christian pastor, author and lecturer whose ministry has taken him to many countries. He became a Christian during his mid teens and graduated with a Divinity degree from the University of London. He taught in two secondary schools whilst working as assistant to Derek Prime at Lansdowne Evangelical Church in West Norwood, south-east London.

Brian's ministry is one of writing, editing, lecturing and preaching at churches and conferences. Brian has written over twenty books, plus fourteen In Conversation booklets which are available as free downloads on the Day One website. He has also edited two symposiums and is currently Series Editor for the Day One Travel Guide series.

Brian was a founder member and chairman of the Trustees and Editorial Board of Praise Trust, the charity responsible for the production of the hymnbook Praise!  He is also a founder Trustee for Christian Prison Resourcing. 

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