Mythicism - the belief that Jesus never actually existed.

Ken Humphreys

Wednesday, December 13 2017 at 8:00PM

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Ken Humphreys

What's the talk about?

Ken has recently spoken at the Conway Hall, Red Lion Square (the home of the Ethical Society and the Headquarters of the skeptical movement).

Outside of confessional interests, Jesus has diminished in stature in recent decades but is even a minimalist Jesus sustainable? 

Though most historians still aver that there was "probably" a Jesus (without any agreement as to quite who he was), and many people think that it required "someone" to inspire the birth of Christianity, an articulate and growing minority of scholars say, on the contrary, that no human Jesus of Nazareth ever lived, that he is a literary construction, fabricated from Jewish scriptural templates and motifs drawn from the world of polytheism. 
Author Kenneth Humphreys has been the force behind the popular Jesus myth website for more than seventeen years, and from 2011 the YouTube channel He has appeared on TV and numerous radio shows, and has engaged in many debates with apologists for Christianity. Humphreys will be presenting the case that Jesus never existed and will inevitably follow Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses into the mythology of the world.