Question Time for the GE candidates

All party candidates

Wednesday, May 24 2017 at 7:30PM

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55B Chapel Road
BN11 1EE

All party candidates

What's the talk about?

We have A Prime Minister who campaigned to remain in the EU but now wants a 'hard Brexit'!
A Labour leader who won't 'press the button' and wants the UK to unilaterally give up nuclear weapons!
A Libdem Leader who wants another EU Referendum and hopes to win back seats lost as a result of coalition!
A Green party with a double headed leader!
A UKIP party with a novice leader whose MPs have resigned!

Meanwhile, several Tory MPs wait to discover whether they will be prosecuted for election fraud in 2015, terrorism is in the news and the polling organisations can't predict for toffee!

Britain is in turmoil and these are the circumstances under which a snap election has been called!

There are questions that need to be answered!

COME AND ASK THEM! (You will be invited to write them down between 7:30 and 8pm)

FREE admission.

Bar open.